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   The Worldwide Evangelization Crusade (now WEC International) grew out of the life of its founder, Charles Thomas "C. T." Studd (18601931). studd was born into wealth; his father was converted to Christianity during the visit of
   Dwight L. Moody and Ira Sankey to England in 1877, and C. T. himself experienced a saving faith in Christ the following year. He let the experience lapse until it revived six years later when he heard Moody preach.
   Studd decided to go as a missionary to China and applied to the China Inland Mission. He left England in 1885. once in China, he adopted Chinese dress, learned the language, and otherwise tried to absorb Chinese ways. He was in China when he reached his 25th birthday and inherited a considerable sum of money; he proceeded to give most of it away. Moody and George Müller were among the recipients. Studd remained in China for 10 years, leaving in 1894 for reasons of health. He later toured the United States on behalf of the Student Volunteer Movement.
   In 1900, Studd and his family went to south India, where he served for six years as pastor of a church in ootacamund. Following their return to England in 1906, he came to believe that he should go to Central Africa. Against doctors' advice, and without sponsorship, he left for the continent in 1910. Back in England the following year, he founded the Heart of Africa Mission, somewhat modeled on the China Inland Mission. He returned to the Belgian Congo (now the Democratic Republic of the Congo) in 1913 and worked there for the rest of his life.
   Studd was not a capable mission organizer, but his reputation and his organization were saved by his son-in-law, Norman Grubb (1895-1993). In 1920, Grubb moved to the Belgian Congo and stayed for seven years. He returned to England to take charge of the World Evangelization Crusade. By the time he retired in 1965, some 800 missionary personnel were working with the WEC. Grubb also founded Christian Literature Crusade (CLC), a sister organization to the WEC.
   The original work in the Congo is now known as the Church of Christ in the Congo-Community of Christ in the Heart of Africa. WEC churches also play an important role in Equatorial Guinea and Guinea-Bissau.
   Norman Grubb identified with the Keswick movement and attended many of its conventions. The CLC has helped keep in print the writings of Andrew Murray, Hannah Whitall Smith, Jesse Penn-Lewis, and Watchman Nee.
   Further reading:
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